Saturday, April 24, 2010

You change like the wind, my dear,

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Poem by Marc Aupiais

You change like the wind, my dear,
Unseen, like the night breeze,
You change inside, my dear,
Hidden from the world,
Mother leopard with her cubs,

You are the arctic storm, my dear,
You send chills into my veins, and heart,
You sent daggers into my soul,

And you eat my heart, like an ice cream dish,
And drink my blood, as though it were wine,

You’ve destroyed my hope with any other, my dear,
I cannot escape the chain of your love, your presence,
I want only you, my dear, dearer, dearest of all, things there are,

I want you, alone, my dear,
Whatever comes, as your night breeze blows
As the moon hardly lights the way,
And you whisper like the wind and water,

More real than any other in my life,
You set my soul on ice, yours for life!

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