Friday, April 2, 2010

I only wanted you... to know, how you hurt me too

Poem by Marc Aupiais

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I only wanted you to know, as I near daily do,
How it hurts me when you do, when my tired guilt ensue,

Yes, though it hurt me, what ensued,
Though I felt pain in hurting you,
You took my pain in two,
And took pleasure in the harm I'd do.

You took joy in my revenge,
You took what hurt me and too revanche!
And though I am racked,
tracking grief,

You enjoyed all my wrong,
And pleasured in my broken, painful, revenging sins!
Though I thought, I was in revenge,
It was really you who controlled it all,

And I , not you were schooled,
My revenge, turned in love,
I could never bare to lose, you,
Yet, powerless, I always lose my soul,

And, what revenge have I,
When I only want your good!

For to hurt you, is to hurt myself,
It seems though it's me I hurt,

Though revenge cost my soul,
Living water, joy of my heart,
You always know my ways,

You hide your hurt!

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