Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunset Rise

Sunset Rise

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I died today, I wanted you to know,
It was not a death natural,
I died today, I breathed my last,
I could not hold onto the sun,
I could not clutch it's light,
Though I saw it set,

I died, strictly speaking murdered,
But do not look to my friends,
For my friends do mourn my death,

I died, it was not them,
They'd rather the world end than not have me,
And indeed, with my death,
Does many a world end,

I died today, do not seek my death,
You will not end my work,
For, my mere birth, did undo your hope,
For my short or long existence did undo your evil work,

Do not seek my friends, or family,
Non of them did take my breath,

Do not look to love and hate,
None of them were involved,

And my end did backfire,
For my life and death,
Both do work, to undo death!

Do not seek me in the sun,
Instead, look to my grave,
Instead look to my Lord,
Instead look to my life,

For when today does come,
Should it ever emerge as such,

If I am dead and gone,
It was for my work,
And what I was called to from birth,
If we die today, whenever it is,
If we die, it is for our work!

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