Saturday, May 22, 2010

Does not play much well with others

Does not play much well with others

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Does not play well, such is my title,
Does not get along, or gets along too well,
And becomes your heart, even your god,
Does not play well, much, with others,
Such is me,
I snuck into your life,
I stole your heart,
But unknown to me, you stole mine too,
And yes, I betrayed you, a thousand times,
Yet, it hit one, like the morning smog,
And I awoke, to the bright light of day,
Suddenly in pain, Suddenly not only to regain,
God’s will I asked, a fateful step,
And as the ocean did sway, my feet did move,
And to your song did I sing, and to your words did I sway,
And I died yesterday!

And while it hurts, and i do love the sunset night,
The purple of the deep dark shades,

Yet, somehow, as I ask God’s will again,
And infuse myself with it many times again,

My heart flutters and begins to beat,
And while many a person I have lost, and many a friend, long-time, no more,
Yet I look to you, my dawn, and kneel in hope of thee,
And your kiss alone I crave, as what is lost,
Is but lost, but I am no longer so lost from/to thee..!

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