Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Sky was jagged, the dawn was broken, the waves, did sweep me away

The Sky was jagged, the dawn was broken, the waves, did sweep me away

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Sky was jagged, the dawn was broken, the waves, did sweep me away
Friendship lost, hopeful gone, so much gained, so much lost,
And ahead was the dawn, and jagged rocks, and by the sea, netless, as it was, I noticed fins,
I noticed sharks, and felt much sympathy with them, so much I nearly swam,
Yet, ahead, were the jagged rocks, ahead was what was hard, ahead was pain,
Daily pain, moment by minutes, second, by hour, ahead was pain, I followed it, my dear grave,
And as I entered the current, cautious of the sharks, knowing I’d cut my feet on the rocks,
As I pushed, and was swept out, I wondered how long I’d have,
And I grabbed onto the rocks, my hands now blood, and desperately pulled myself forward, as around
And beyond, a different current came, and in my pain I felt nothing, then everything, as I crawled, and jumped,
On broken feet, with broken bones,
And as I moved, in danger with ever step,
And up ahead were the jagged rocks, and by them the dawn,
And I walked, and I hopped, and I screamed, screeched like no banshee ever has,
And out-howled every wolf, as I approached dawn, not dusk, the sun which is my moon,
And around me, the fins did circle, and some did jump, as I scampered, and lunged, and as tears and blood filled my vision, and my life, and as ocean spray did fill my senses.

And as missiles, these fish did move so fast, so smooth, with no effort, in the tidal pool of life,
My fate is hardly secure, I can only try, and my heart does beat, perhaps to fill the blood I have lost,
Perhaps, to give me the strength to get past this spot,

And it’s like you are there now, watching me, as I want to give the fish, what they desire,
Out of some empathy,
And as I drip my blood into the water,
And I wonder,

Shall I go on, or fall, knowing that a strange, evil force shall catch me,
And while I crave the other, in all my pain,
I know that forward is the only way, and as the tide does come, and as the spray does spit,
And as the rocks are suddenly less secure, I leap, and hit the ground,
And wonder if it is the dawn or sunset I strive towards,
In this dusk as I hope I jump to rocks, as some of the rocks I see do quite fast, move,

Forward i head, towards what I hope as to be dawn!

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