Monday, June 30, 2014

A nasty thought interrupts my well-being !

A nasty thought interrupts my well-being a truly nasty thought that's not a thought of mine or yours,

An ugly thought, which some hurtful person determined to write down, a thought of their's,

A thought I wish I had not heard, a thought I wish I had not read.

A thought they wrote down many miles away,

A thought they penned down, many years before today. A thought of one I had never met. A thought that disturbs my peace and my peace of mind.

A thought of a stranger, an experience they determined to share. A thought I was unprepared for.

Trauma is something that can have a lasting effect upon those the one in the traumatic event has never even met.

What you put in your mind lingers in there: be careful what you eat with your eyes. Your stomach may become ill.

Black magic lingers on, the magic of the evil thought, the magic of the negative word, the sorcery of a bad event does stain upon one's happiness.

A horrid thought to have written: a hurtful thing to have done.

I surround myself with happy tunes of a different life than that which that person chose write down.
I seek out your voice it is soothing to me. I seek comfort in your sound. A nasty thought that has nothing to do with me: has me seeking you comfort. A nasty thought a nasty thought a nasty thought it pushes through me.

The trauma of a nasty thought circles my soul like entropy.
And so I seek you out, the purity of your voice as dreams did sound.

 And your noise is like white noise. I know it can block the other noises from any distance.

And I hear your voice it circles my soul.

My words are barely audible.
Barely comprehensible, I speak. I hear your voice and gives me peace
I hear your voice I hear your voice I hear your voice you give me peace…

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