Monday, April 25, 2011

Death and truth, and life

Marc Aupiais

Flickering is hope~
She goes out~
And my fein dies.
My zest for being,
Slump in soot and night sight~

Suicide? There are different types.

To sabotage friendship,
And reputation.
Self destructive,

You do not eat,
Or work to much!

You stop at the gate,
Parish late!

Your medication you delay.

You cut yourself!
And walk in rain,
Drive to fast,
In the wrong lane,

Death wish too is suicide.

Suicide... To a side.

Surround yourself with books,
And leisure,
Friends quite dear,
They do care!

Do not call your reasons stupid...
They are not stupid,
If telling means life not death.

Humble not insecurity.
Is the answer.

Pray and read,
And talk to friends!

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