Saturday, February 15, 2014

Emotions in me...

He stood there without grimace, as his servants cut him piece by gory piece.
He disobeyed Caesar, by making the statement.
His dissent, his opposition, to the slaughter.
His grievance was his death, he died a painful death, joyous in his painful slaughter.

Shaka kaSenzangakhona despised the weakness of his troops.
They ran in small sandals across the savannah.
He wanted silent, barefoot men to bid his dues.
He ran upon the devil thorns which rip apart human flesh, and his men, he killed if they did not too.

He stood against emotion. He stood for pain.

And the great leaders of us, of men...
They stood against emotion, they stood for death the angel, and for pain.

But your laugh unsettles me. Your love and joy weaken me,
And a fire ignites within a spark.
An inferno blasts into the supernovas.
The acceleration begins, the snowball grows, and grows.
I pretend to hate you, to avoid this passion,
My pain is melting, my power fading.
When accompanied by you I cannot run over the thorns,
They tear my flesh and bones.

And I feel the darkness encompass me: emotion: love.
And I know not how to live, or be.
For with you, I am vulnerable,
And it is only hope I see.

But I fight it to my best,
And hope and pray, and silently obey.
But you, sweet lady, do unsettle me.
My path of stoic silence, is cataclysmically affected only in and with thee.

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