Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deadly Hope


To hope: to equate- estimate!
To despair: to equate- estimate!

Deadly Hope- Hope in Life!

Deadly hope! Hope in Christ?
The Death Of Hope,
This is hope indeed!

To predict, and estimate!

But none, can predict!
That which does never ever change!

The rolling rock, does always fall,
The falcon saw, and dives, and dies!

Deadly hope, and hope in death!
The symbol of hope! Itself!

And in America, and elsewhere, they display this hope,
The electric chair, modern crucifix!

This hope in death,
This putting of madness, imbalance unto death,
Injustice, the foolish call just! Judgment, of timeous things!

And the falcon, does fall,
And fall!

Who is time, to judge the
eternal? That not
affected, but timeous-

And, as I watch- the daemon- saviour, on the tree,
Nailed down,
On the tree, symbol, of Life!

Simplest life, of
Everlasting Life!
Life, is nailed, a word, on a tree!
Written, life the indenting of lovers!

Death, hope, death and hope!

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