Friday, October 22, 2010

The aliens landed in Africa, they destroyed: our culture, our lands, our hope at freedom, my love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They landed in birds with wings,
And came on swans across oceans,
Some were white as some of us are,
Some were black,
Others Asian.

They landed on our shores,
And now nothing grows,
Due to the witchcraft of economics.

They offered us free water and bread,
For our souls and culture shredded.

Unicef, Red Cross,
And nothing grows,
And pets- we wait in queues,
And change our values,
To death do we head.

And who'd buy food with
what little we have,
We spend our days working,
Waiting in food queues.

The economy stopped,
Since the aliens arrived,
Western Aliens.
Nothing, no longer grows!

Empathy for us,
A cute dear pet.

And I sit in my home,
By my tv set,
And I wonder at Africa's people,
Doomed by whites like me,
Asians and blacks!

Who came on evil winds headed West!

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